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Turnkey Contracting
Turnkey Contracting

Power Generation Project

CACS has the experts who are capable for the management and technology of power generation ,and a professional project team in respect of the thermal power and hydro power plant construction. CACS can provide the power plants in the different forms and scales, ranging from the conventional power plant, the self-supporting power plant, the heat and power cogeneration power plant, coal gangue power plant, residual-heat utilization power plant to the various types of hydropower stations, such as Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine and impulse turbine.

Transmission Line and Substation Project

In the field of the international project contracting, CACS is quite professional for the transmission line and transformation project, which is highly recommended by the Commerce Department and the Chamber of Commerce due to its outstanding performance in this field.

Renewable Energy

In its new-period development strategy, CACS will emphasize on the business for the sources of the new energy and the renewable energy, including the wind power generation, the solar power, the biomass power and etc. After years of the tracking and development, CACS has accumulated enough experience and obtained the great breakthrough.
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